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Brian R, Long Beach, CA

If you need windows fixed in your house, Doug at Windows Repaired & Restored is the person to call.

We recently bought a 1951 Park Estates home with a total of 10 windows that would either not open (many years of being painted over) or would not stay open without a shim. In addition, the cold drafts kept our house like a refrigerator.

Once I called, Doug came out to take a look at the work we needed done. He was very friendly, and he was full of wisdom about the ins and outs of old windows... He got back to me with an estimate within a day or so. I like supporting Long Beach business when I can, so going to a craftsman like Doug was good for me and the community. The work was clearly defined in writing, and basically provided a "tune up" and repair of all of our existing windows.

Quoted work included:

  • Removal of all stops & sashes
  • Remove paint from friction surfaces
  • Lubricate all friction surfaces with wax
  • New sash balances & springs
  • New parting bead
  • New locks
  • Install weather-stripping

On the day of work, Doug arrived on time with two very friendly and professional guys, who went over each window, telling me what they would do to remedy the problems. Good care was taken to cover our floors and furniture and they were off to work. A full 10 hour job! Every spot in the house where they worked was thoroughly cleaned up with a vacuum.

It is absolutely wonderful to have the windows restored! No more propping up the window with a stick, and our windows remain true to the house. The windows are now airtight and I can open and close them with one finger. I'm glad I restored the original windows rather than replacing the windows with something new.

Doug at Windows Repaired & Restored has an excellent quality of service and excellent customer service... very fair prices too. Five stars!!!

JJ J, Redonda Beach, CA

What can I say about these guys except they do outstanding and more than exceptional work!!! Our building was built in the thirties and so many of the windows have never been replaced...and in fact many did not even work at all. Anyhow, Doug and his team did an awesome job on 4 of my windows....if my landlord was not so cheap it would have been a dream to do them all!!!!
Thanks Doug and team...you guys seriously rock!!!

A.K. , Bradenton, FLA

I have new windows just out of warranty and needed a quick repair. Doug and Estevan were responsive - able to make an early Saturday morning appointment and arrived on time (how about that !). Completed the job as quoted - no surprise "extras". Also, I was really pleased that he was able to coordinate with me on several calls for the repair time. Great service, price was right on.

Alicia H., Long Beach, CA

I wanted to have my windows restored rather than replaced so I called Doug and the other company highly rated on yelp to come and give me a quote. Doug has his prices clearly spelled out on his website and when he came to give me the quote i got those exact prices with no surprises. Needless to say, he was 50% less than the other company. I booked Doug. He came to my house (on time) fixed my 60 year old windows so they work like new for the price he promised. You really cant ask for much more than that.

We couldn’t afford to do all our windows at once and as soon as we are ready to do the rest i wont hesitate to call doug or refer him to anyone i know.

Julie H., Los Angeles, CA

Doug just completed a big restoration project for our house (26 windows in total), and we cannot express in words how happy we are with the final product. We live in a 1920's Spanish house, in an HPOZ zone, and he restored and repaired every one of our windows. The windows now all close and open properly, and after Doug was finished, the reduction in the outside noise we could hear in our house was dramatic. I swear the house feels warmer too. Doug was an absolute pleasure to work with - a professional craftsman that takes pride in his work. He is honest, hardworking, and just a nice guy.

Nelson Z, Laguna Niguel, CA

Excellent repair of four single hung Windows at a competitive price. Quick and pleasant response to service request.

Tr. N, Anaheim, CA

Outstanding customer service and work. What a pleasure to find a company like this, these days. Their not inexpensive, but they know what they're doing. I would recommend them to anyone needing any type of window repairs (not glass replacement).

Lynda L, Buena Park, CA

Just had Esteban and his asst. restore two 1922 windows. Now they in great working order. They did a great job.

BesRecognize G., Los Angeles, CA

This is the easiest type of review to write because the experience was just great all around. I have a building built in the 50's with aluminum casement windows. A few of the windows are warped and wouldn't close enough to lock. I did some research and found Windows Repaired and Restored online. The woman who answered my call was friendly, informative and offered to have Doug come out (without charge) to my place to see if he could assist me with the window issue. I live a good 30 minutes from Long Beach so coming to take a look for free was pretty unexpected. I did have to wait about 10 days until Doug was going to be in my area but that wasn't a problem for me.

Anyhow, the woman that works in their office was excellent with her follow up calls to confirm the meeting and was always very pleasant. I usually wouldnt even comment on something like this but she impressed me. When Doug came out to my building, he took a quick look at the first window and said he could fix it with a screwdriver in a couple minutes. After about 5 minutes the window was fixed AND I was taught how to fix the problem. Even though Doug had taught me enough so that I could fix the other windows in my building, he still volunteered to fix them himself and didnt charge me anything for any of it. He is a very nice guy and was very efficient in fixing the problem I had.

Thank you Doug! Very positive experience with your company.

Heather O. - Anaheim, CA

"I have a 1923 house in Anaheim; most of the 28 double sash windows did not work. I really wanted to keep the windows because they make the house unique. I found Doug on Angie's List. He came out, gave me a quote and stuck to the price quoted. He had great communication skills and showed up on time, when he said he would. When Doug came out, he re-roped, fixed the weights and pulleys, sanded and scraped the jambs (I guess you are not supposed to paint them...who knew??) replaced some of the cracked panes and lubricated the jambs with orange oil and beeswax. When Doug finished the windows he offered to come back out after we painted the windows and put the hardware on at no additional cost. Hiring somebody to do work in your house can be a little scary at times, but I promise you with Doug, you are getting an A++ human being and you will not be disappointed with the work he does... Thank you Doug!!!"

Lisa B. - Long Beach, CA

"Doug is the best!!! We can't say enough about him. We have a house from 1932 and Doug had a window built and installed in an upstair's bedroom and it looks beautiful. Doug's work is amazing and his pricing for the excellent work he does is more than fair!"

Rachel Q. - Long Beach, CA

"Doug refurbished all 13 of our casement (swing out) windows so that they all work with single-hand operation. He favors restoration and use of existing materials vs. replacing since old growth wood that is generally found in older construction tends to be better than the new growth wood commonly used today. He is very dependable and did a great job in getting even our most problematic windows (warped frames, painted over hardware) fully operational. Highly recommended!"

Jae J, Pico Rivera, CA

Over the weekend we had some windows repaired at our home by Doug. I had to check to see if he was on Yelp! and give him some props. Doug was EXCELLENT!! After shopping around and speaking to a few companies, Doug was the best price i found. Now sometimes that's not always a good thing, which is why i was kinda skeptical...plus he showed up to my house with a Red Sox cap, my house is Dodger Town!!

After giving him the 3rd degree on if he knew what he was doing, he had me convinced so i went ahead and let him do the work. I couldn't be happier with the workmanship, and the great customer service he gave me. He showed up on time every morning, keeping my schedule in tact and made sure the house was spic and span every day he left. Which was impressive, as I've had many contractors at my house and not all are that clean.

If you ever need windows repaired, i highly recommend Doug even though he's a Boston fan!!

Honorable Mention: Great work and fair prices

Leslie B, Long Beach, CA

There are about three outfits that do "window restoration" on historic homes in Long Beach. I have experienced all three and had a wonderful experience with Doug and the team at Windows Repaired and Restored. Think of it as the Goldilocks story of window repair - one too hot, one too cold and one just right! We went with contractor #1 - super disappointed with the outcome. In general I would say a sloppy job. Then we went to contractor #2. They came out, wasted an hour of my time asking me tons of questions about each window only to never surface with so much as an estimate. Finally we were referred to Doug. He quickly made an appt. to visit our home and delivered an estimate in a day or two, as promised. Pricing seemed fair (more so once the job was done and I saw how much work it was). So we booked him to start. There every day and on time with another helper. We went a little over timeline-wise, but our windows were pretty challenging. Overall a great experience - would definitely recommend.